Women and men who have loose skin and fat concentrated in the abdomen can benefit from abdominoplasty (also called tummy tuck). In many cases, these conditions are inherited, while substantial weight loss may be the cause in other instances. Abdominoplasty can also tighten the muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy. This procedure may also improve stretch marks, especially those below the navel.


When running the treadmill and doing sit-ups is not giving you good results with your tummy, this may be your best solution. Too much excess skin and flab in the abdomen can be solved with a tummy tuck and is commonly the only choice for those whose tummy does not respond to exercise or diets.


This surgery works by removing the extra skin and fat from the abdomen. When this is done, the abdomen becomes flat, and the muscles in its wall tighten.

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Are You a Candidate For an Abdominoplasty?


This procedure is suitable for both men and women, as long as they are healthy. The most common candidates for abdominoplasty are people who used to be obese and went trough significant weight loss.


However, even people who are not or were never obese and have a normal body weight can develop loose and sagging abdomen. The reasons for this can be found in:


  • Heredity
  • Prior surgeries
  • One or several pregnancies
  • Aging

Still, there are cases where this procedure is not recommended and those cases include:


  • People who are planning to lose weight, especially if they are aiming to lose a lot (tummy tuck is not a weight loss alternative)
  • Women who are planning to get pregnant (abdominoplasty may reverse when the woman is pregnant since the pregnancy separates the tightened vertical muscles in the abdomen)


Types of Abdominoplasty


Tummy tuck is a serious surgery that must be consulted with a plastic surgeon prior to making the decision. A good surgeon will help you choose one of the following abdominoplasty options:


1. Partial or Mini Abdominoplasty


When people have fat deposits in a location below the navel, a partial tummy tuck is recommended. This procedure is done without moving the belly button.


2. Complete Abdominoplasty


In this case, the surgeon cuts the abdomen to contour the tissue, skin and the muscle. The cut goes from the hipbone to the other hipbone and may involve moving of the belly button.


A Tummy Tuck Cannot:


  • be your substitute for exercise or diet
  • correct all existing stretch marks
  • guarantee that you will not regain weight

Surgeries, pregnancies and obesity very often lead to undesired, unattractive tummy in people. This is a common thing. You should opt for a abdominoplasty if you are tired from that excess fat and sagging skin.


This will not be the solution for your weight, but can help you remove the unwanted fat that cannot be removed with exercise and diet. However, once you decide to take this step, you should be prepared to maintain your body in a good shape afterwards.

Before and After Photos

In the meantime, check out some photo examples taken before and after the tummy tuck surgery.