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Breast Augmentation Grand Rapids deserves a skilled plastic surgeon.

Dr. Vagotis is an expert in a variety of breast augmentation procedures.


So if you're considering undergoing breast augmentation here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to improve your bust line, you're in the right place!


Below, we've provided the basic facts you need to know about the procedure and compiled some of the most common questions we get.


One of the most frequent surgical procedures is to increase the size of the bust and improve its shape. We are one of the premier grand rapids breast augmentation procedure providers, so if you are in the area, you'll want to give us a call and schedule a free consultation.


Women may choose to have breast enlargement surgery for many reasons. Some concerns include underdeveloped mammary glands, misshapen or asymmetry in form or changes after pregnancy/breastfeeding. Some women may be happy with their chest appearance but wish to add fullness. A woman’s mammary volume and shape may change after weight loss, aging or childbirth.

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular way to improve breast size and shape and is among the most common procedure performed annually by members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Women who enhance their breasts using breast implants may feel improved self-esteem and notice a more proportional body shape.

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Breast Augmentation Grand Rapids FAQ Section

Here are some common questions we get:


Q: How long does breast augmentation surgery take?


The procedure length can vary depending on the individual, as everyone is different. We carry out the procedure after considering each person's particular condition. You'll learn specifics during the in-person consult.


Q: Does the procedure itself hurt?


Breast augmentation is generally done under sedation -- so there's no pain during the actual procedure itself. However, there normally is some pain and swelling after the procedure that can range from light to moderate but usually subsides after a few days.


Q: How long does it take to recover from the procedure?

Recovery from breast augmentation varies from individual to individual. Please come in for a consult, and we will give you an answer based on your particular situation.

Q: Do you have any examples of before and after photos?


Yes -- check out the breast augmentation Grand Rapids before and after photo gallery by clicking here.


We're a premier provider of breast augmentation here in Grand Rapids. Our office is conveniently located to serve all of western Michigan, so give us a call today and arrange to come in for a free consultation where we can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.


Q. What's the difference between augmentation and implants?


These terms refer to the same concept. Technically, the term breast augmentation refers to the actual procedure, whereas the term breast implant refers to the inserts placed inside the breast to augment it.


Q. What's a breast lift?


The breast lift (also called mastopexy) is a simple surgical procedure where the nipple is positioned higher on the body than where it was originally located on the patient. It's a relatively simple procedure and should not take more than a few hours. The breast lift can help you achieve more youthful appearing breasts.


If you're considering breast enhancement, you're in good hands as Dr. Vagotis is one of the most highly sought surgeons for breast augmentation Grand Rapids patients in Western Michigan.

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