Aesthetic eyelid surgery results can give the eye a more refreshed, rested, and bright appearance. Eye surgery can be combined with other procedures to address crow’s feet or other wrinkles, sagging of the eyebrows, dark circles, and hollowing of the eye area.


Upper Eyelid Procedure


Aesthetic eye surgery corrects several concerns affecting the appearance of the upper part. Upper lid puffiness can give the eye a tired look, while loose skin drooping over the eye can obscure vision. This surgery can also address excessive skin covering the natural fold.


Lower Eyelid Surgery


Surgery of the lower lid improves the look of puffiness or bulges beneath the eye and tightens excess skin that can become loose or thin over time.

Eyelid Surgery

Before and After Photos

In the meantime, check out some photo examples taken before and after the eye lid procedure.

drvagotis - Eyelid Surgery - Facelift
A man's face before and after eyelid surgery.
drvagotis - Face Lift - Eyelid Surgery
Before and after eyelid surgery photos of a man's face.