Brow Waxing & Tinting in Grand Rapids

Brow waxing and tinting enhance your natural beauty. At the skin care center in Grand Rapids, we offer brow waxing and tinting services that will help define the shape of your brows and give them a fuller, thicker appearance. Our experienced technicians use gentle wax to remove unwanted hair.

brow waxing and tinting

Aftercare for an Eyebrow Wax and Tint

Eyebrow waxing and tinting can be a great way to keep your brows looking their best. The process includes the following:

  • Cleaning the brows, patch-testing.
  • Applying a barrier cream and tint.
  • Wiping off after 2-5 minutes.

Waxing is done by applying wax to the area and quickly pulling off a cloth strip. High-quality products can help reduce pain. Aftercare for an eyebrow wax and tint includes avoiding heavy oils or moisturizers, avoiding activities that accelerate fading (e.g., beach or chlorine pools), and delaying scrubbing off excess tint until any redness or puffiness from the waxing has abated.

Combining eyebrow wax and tint into one appointment can help clients maintain great-looking brows while saving time. Eyebrow tinting can match hair color, make brows stand out, or frame the eyes. We then apply a semi-permanent tint to darken, enhance and define your brows. The results can last up to 6 weeks, so regular tinting helps maintain a consistent color and look.

Eyebrows play an important role in framing the face and expressing emotion. Brow waxing and tinting is an effective way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look that frames the face, brightens eyes, and accentuates the existing beauty of your natural brow line. A patch test is required 24 hours before treatment for safety reasons, and the entire process takes about 30 minutes. You can also combine this service with other facial treatments for maximum effect.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a great way to enhance your natural brows and give them a fuller, more youthful look. It is a semi-permanent technique to color brow hairs and define and shape them. The stain from the tint will last up to one week, while the actual color on the hair strands will grow out over two to four weeks. 

The results of eyebrow tinting can be quite dramatic and long-lasting. It can add depth and dimension to your look, giving you the appearance of a facelift without any pain or discomfort. Eyebrow tinting can also give you compliments from friends and family as it enhances the look of your eyebrows. After tinting, you may find that your eyebrows appear fuller and more defined than ever before!

Need some brow love? We got you.

At Dr. Vagotis' Skin Care Center, we understand the importance of having beautiful brows. That's why we offer various services to help you get the perfect shape and color for your face. Our experienced Brow Experts are trained in waxing, tweezing, and tinting to ensure your brows look their best. We have 5,600 Brow Experts worldwide, so you can be sure that wherever you go, someone will take care of your brows.

We want you to love your brows! Whether it's a subtle arch or bold statement brows, our experts will work with you to create the best look for you. We use only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure your brows stay healthy and look great. So if you're looking for some brow love, visit us to help make your dreams come true!

Brow, Lash Tint & Brow Wax

Eyebrows play an important role in framing the face and accentuating the eyes, so it's no surprise that brow tinting and waxing have become increasingly popular beauty treatments. Brow tinting is a semi-permanent way to achieve a custom look that lasts 3-4 weeks, while waxing helps to define the shape of your brows for a more polished appearance. Combining brow waxing and tinting takes about 30 minutes and can be combined with other facial services for maximum convenience.

Our salon combines brow and lash tint with brow wax for more defined results. Our experienced estheticians will help determine the most flattering shape for your face, considering your natural features and desired look. We recommend visiting us monthly to maintain the best results, but you may need to return sooner if you notice any fading or changes in your desired shape. Regular visits can keep your eyebrows looking their best all year round.