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Dr. Vagotis of Grand Rapids, Michigan offers before and after images of a patient who received a brachioplasty or an 'arm lift'. This patient, let's call her subject A -- patient that underwent an arm lift (brachioplasty) to remove excess skin and fat from around the arm. As you can see from the dramatic photos, the change is remarkable. The arm profile has been greatly slimmed down and is much more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention more practical in terms of fitting clothing. Variations in the design of the incisions for this cosmetic surgical procedure are available to meet clothing or personal desires.


As you can see from the photos, we can help eliminate the 'bingo wings' you've been desperate to get rid of. The procedure does not merely remove unneeded fat and tissue; it tightens up and tones the muscles and connective tissue in the arm. As a result of the arm lift procedure, your arms can appear as they did decades ago. It's a great touch if you'd like a subtle cosmetic procedure done to appear more youthful. Call us today to speak more about your options.


Benefits of Brachioplasty: To read more about the benefits of the arm lift procedure.

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*DISCLAIMER: Results vary from person to person.