4 Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants

There is a new type of silicone implant that is becoming very popular. Known as gummy bear implants, also known as form-stable implants. They’re firmer than traditional silicone implants, making them less likely to ripple or leak. They also have what’s known as a cohesive feel filling, which provides a more natural look and feel. Now with any medical or surgical procedure, there are always risks that one has to consider. So in this section, we will discuss the benefits and risks of gummy bear implants.

NOTE: At Vagotis Plastic Surgery, we use only round gummy bear implants. Despite being heavier at the bottom, the teardrop-shaped implants sometimes shift, which can cause the breast to look misshapen.

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Gummy Bear Implants illustration

Gummy bear implants are becoming more and more popular. They may be the preferred or most commonly requested choice for breast augmentation surgery. They’re made with this highly cohesive silicone gel, which sticks together well. This composition gives them a very different texture. It looks like a gummy bear, so they’re called gummy bear implants. Here are three benefits for selecting round Gummy Bear implants

#1 Gummy Bear Implants Retain Their Shape

A benefit is they maintain their shape. This is an important thing. So even in a rupture, this highly sticky cohesive silicone gel retains its shape so that you won’t see an uneven appearance even in the event of a rupture. So patients can understand that their breasts will appear evenly shaped and resist rippling like saline implants can do.

#2 A Lower Risk of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contraction happens when scar tissue forms around a breast implant and hardens. This scarring causes disfigurement and can be uncomfortable. The risk of this happening with gummy bear implants is much lower than other implant types.

#3 Implant Stability is the Third Benefit

The fourth benefit is rotational stability. The round shape of the bear implants provides what they call rotational stability. The implant is less likely to rotate or shift in its pocket; the shape is stable if it does. So this stability gives patients a more natural appearance than they would with other implant types.

#4 Less Risk of Folds or Rippling

Gummy bear implants are firmer than other types, as a rule. As such, they are less likely to ripple or fold inside of the breasts

Things to Discuss During Your Consultation With Doctor Vagotis

One minor drawback is that gummy bear implants may require a larger incision than other implants. So when talking with your surgeon, be honest and open and have them discuss all the risks and benefits with you. The risks associated with gummy bear implants are similar to other implants or any surgical procedure, and you should be discussing that one-on-one with your surgeon.

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In conclusion, gummy bear implants are a great choice for those looking for a more natural look and feel to their breast implants. They offer a natural look and are less likely to ripple or leak. However, risks are involved like any surgery, so it is important to speak with your surgeon about all the risks and benefits associated with gummy bear implants.