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Image of woman with an attractive faceThe face usually reveals the first visible signs of aging. Both gravity and loss of volume effect facial features resulting in sagging skin along the jawline (jowls) and neck.

Men and women contemplating facelift (or rhytidectomy) surgery do so for many reasons, including the concern of looking older than they feel. The extent of how a person ages is determined by factors such as genetics, exposure to environmental elements and the normal activities of living. But you can rest easy, as we’re a premiere provider of facelift Grand Rapids area!

What Can a Facelift Improve?

A facelift is your right choice if you have visible aging signs on the face and the neck, including:

  • deep creases located below the lower eyelids
  • middle-face sagging
  • deep creases that starts on the nose and extend to the mouth corners
  • loose skin under the jaw and chin
  • excess fat under the jaw and chin
  • jowls to the lower face as a result of loss of skin tone

Are You a Good Candidate?

The facelift is an extremely effective method of improving your physical appearance, and no cremes or other products can come close to achieving the same results as this surgery. However, there are patients who do not fit the criteria according to which candidates are chosen. You are a good candidate for this type of surgery if you have:

  • flexible, elastic skin that will lead to successful healing
  • strong, well-defined bone structure that will provide the necessary support
  • good overall health, on which the healing depends
  • realistic expectations and understanding that the facelift does not stop aging or change the face foundation
  • loose skin, either on the neck or the face, which is tightened by removing the excess skin

Types of Facelifts

Once you decide to opt for such surgery, your doctor will make the initial consultation for determining the facelift type. While determining this, the doctor considers all factors, such as: the recovery length, the patient’s expectations and the specific target areas. The options you have are:

1. The Traditional Full Facelift

When this procedure is required, the doctor can address various parts of the patient’s face, such as the area below the eyes, the sagging that surrounds the cheeks, excess fat under the jaw and chin, lines around the mouth, jowls and more.

Naturally, since this is a surgery that targets a large area of the face, it requires a long incision. This surgery is usually performed on people with more dramatic aging signs.

2. Mid Face lift

In this case, the surgeon tightens the tissues around the patient’s cheek and below their eyes. The incision here is similar to the one of the traditional type, but a bit deeper. It is usually performed in those who want to rejuvenate the appearance of the face.

3. Mini Face lift

A mini face lift comes with a shorter time for recovery because it involves much smaller incisions than the previous two. The surgery actually targets a small area, usually the jaw, neck and the lower cheeks. Young people with the first signs of aging are the most common group that opts for this procedure.

4. Lower Face lift

As one would expect, this surgery targets the lower part of the face i.e. the bottom. It is used to reduce the deep nasolabial folds, eliminate the jowls, enhance the patient’s jaw and lift the mouth’s sagging corners. This type of surgery is suitable for people of all ages.

5. Thread Face lifts

Thread face lifts are minimally invasive when compared to the other types of face lift surgeries. In this case, the surgeon lifts the underlying muscles by creating small stitches located just below the patient’s skin.

The treatment takes up to two hours and is most commonly used by people aged 30 to 40.

There are many factors to consider when contemplating face surgery and/or neck lift surgery. In most cases, the surgeons aim to make the incisions above the hairline or on places where there are natural facial creases. The reason for this is because such places will heal better and will better hide the scarring from the surgery.

Other procedures can be combined with a face lift to help achieve a more youthful appearance such as facial liposuction, lip augmentation, forehead lift, eyelid surgery, facial implants, and nose reshaping.

Common Questions About the Face lift Procedure:

Is Dr. Vagotis well versed in face lifts?

Very. Dr. Vagotis did a fellowship in Santa Ana California under renowned plastic surgeon Bruce Connell whose technique was highly sought, widely imitated but never duplicated. Dr. Connell is now retired and there aren’t a lot of other surgeons that have had the privilege or opportunity to study with Dr. Connell and Dr. Vagotis is the only practitioner in the state of Michigan that has. She’s the go-to surgeon in Michigan for face lift procedures.


Q. How long do the effects of a face lift last?

The beneficial effects of typically last about a decade or more. Some of the effects may even last permanently. However, it’s best to expect that the effects of your face lift will eventually subside with normal aging.


 Q. Is financing available for face lift surgery?

Yes. We’ve prepared various options to accommodate your particular financial situation. Take a look at the financing options available on our financing page.


Q. What are my choices for anesthesia?

Both general anesthesia as well as local anesthesia are available options for your procedure. General anesthesia will add to the price of the procedure but many people prefer it because you can sleep peacefully through the entire surgery. With local anesthesia you are awake but will feel little to no pain.


Q. I’m not sure if I’m ready for a face lift. Are there other options?

Some people who are not sure about getting a face lifting may want to consider getting a neck lift first. A neck lift is a lesser procedure that can give you great results and help you become more confident with surgical procedures in general. Find out more about the neck lift here.

Call Dr. Vagotis today for a free consultation to discuss your options on a face lift or neck lift to look as young as you feel.

Before and After Photos

In the mean time check out some photo examples taken before and after the face lift procedure.

Photo of woman before Face lift surgery (front view)

Before (front view)

Photo of woman before Facelift surgery (side view)

Before (side view)

Photo of woman after Facelift surgery (front view)

After (front view)

Photo of woman after Facelift surgery (side view)

After (side view)